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Highlander Apartments, Sunrise Suites Apartments

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It is understood that only those who are named above will occupy the property. There are to be NO PETS or VISITING PETS allowed on the premises without the owner’s permission and an additional security fee paid.

I /We declare that all the information given in this application is true and complete. I/We also understand that any information found to be false
may be grounds for rejection of tenancy. I/We authorize the landlord or its agent to conduct an employment/credit/background check or any other
sources required concerning my/our application and to verify all references. I/We fully understand the terms above and submit a nonrefundable Screening Fee of $10.00 per Tenant, or $15.00 for married couples.

I/We understand that I/we acquire no rights in the rental until I/we sign a lease agreement and submit the rent and security deposit as requested by the landlord/manager. I/We also understand if I/we submit a holding deposit to reserve the unit. The deposit is non-refundable if I/we do not sign the lease and check-in after approval.