Our Extended Stay Policies and Specials

Check-in is 3:00 pm. Checkout is 10:00 am. This allows adequate time for cleaning between guests. Our office hours are from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. Please make arrangements ahead of time if you need to check in outside of our office hours.
Upon arrival, follow the guest Checklist to make sure everything is in order, or to report any damages or non-functioning items (if any) within 48 hours after moving in.
The Guest Terms & Conditions limits maximum occupancy. Exceeding the limit will result in extra per person daily charges and will terminate occupancy without refund of deposit or rents paid.
No Parties
No parties or gatherings are allowed that would increase occupancy greater than indicated in the Agreement without pre-approval, or that would disturb neighbors or violate homeowner rules or governmental ordinances.
This property should not be rented for parties. Please observe quiet at all times, especially during the Quiet Zone 10pm to 10am on weekdays, 11pm-10am on weekends. Be a good neighbor.
No Smoking
There is no smoking inside ($300 fee if you do). Please smoke only in the designated outdoor smoking areas, 25 feet away from buildings or windows, with proper disposal of cigarette butts.
Inappropriate behavior such as loud and/or vulgar language and/or drunkenness is strictly prohibited. Guests evicted for violating property or rules will forfeit their deposit/reservation. Guests must register their overnight guests at the front desk. If residents have overnight guests staying longer than three (3) nights, residents must report it to the front desk or property manager for background screening. Residents and guests are responsible and liable for damages or any violation by their guests.
No Pets Unless Pre-Approved
Pets are evaluated on a case by case basis, depending on age, breed, and weight.
Recreational Vehicles
Trailers, camper and, tents are not allowed unless preauthorized. (Removed at owner’s expense without prior notice.)
Electrical rates are high. Residents are responsible for excess usage if unusually high amounts of utilities are consumed (e.g.: if the average bill is $50.00, and the resident’s bill is $75, the extra $25 is the responsibility of residents). Please turn off lights, televisions, etc. when not in use.
Early Termination
Discount rates are normally applied for 3 month+ contracts and can change seasonally or without notice. In the event residents need to check out sooner than expected, please understand this is a monthly rental. Sunrise Garden Suites has no obligation to refund paid and unused nights. However, it is always our courtesy to market the apartment as soon and as diligently as we can once residents notifies us.

Once a new tenant moves in, guests will be refunded the sold out days less a $100 admin fee.

In the event the notice is given less than 3 weeks in advance, and no new tenant moves in within the 3 week period, the security deposit will be forfeited.

Extension is based on availability, extension is guaranteed until after a signed contract take place, or email communication with guests request and manager’s clear confirmation. Once confirmed, resident is responsible for rent payment to the new agreed extended date.
Rent Proration
Although the rental term is a one month minimum, we offer prorated rent in 5 day increments, for examples, if actual check in date is the 3rd, the rent payment still starts at 1st unless the apartment is rent available on the 1st; same applies to check out dates unless there is another tenant moves in the same day.
Do not intentionally destroy, deface, impair or remove any part of the Property, equipment, furniture or furnishings.

A Helpful Tip

In the Pacific Northwest, we get a lot of rain and drizzle, and as such, we have a lot of humidity. For guests who are not used to these conditions, we recommend getting acquainted with this guide to mold.

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Fall Special!
10% discount for three month contract!
15% disount for 6 month contract!
Other conditions:
Move in before Dec 1st, 2020! Tenant screen and rental reference required!